Sunday, January 21, 2007

production zone


[production zone]




well yesterday we attempt to make gocco labels. i say attempt because the process failed. the problem is in getting an even inking each stamp. at this point we are giving up on this technique and are going to try using bubble jet set and print them off the printer onto fabric. have any of you tried this method? i would love some feedback on it. i hope it works because honestly i just want this part of the project to be checked off the list. the one thing that we did get out of this attempt is the desire to setup a small silkscreen studio in the basement and sell the gocco. we will see.

i hope to take some time this week to photograph the items i am making and post a photo or two each day.


kirsten said...

sorry, no ideas - i'm gocco-less. the logo is nice, though.
i'd decided that if i ever open shop i'll get a custom-made-stamp with the info and just stamp it everywhere.
can't wait to see your stuff!

julie said...

So looking forward to seeing your work. Sorry, no ideas on the printing although i would love to try goccoing and silkscreen printing!!! :)

madmommy said...

Not to sound like a vulture, but please let me know if you go non-gocco. I have one (but no cloth printing supplies) and would be interested if you sell the supplies? I've heard good stuff about bubble jet set but haven't yet tried it myself.

melissa said...

those labels look really nice, sorry that I don't have any gocco advice. I make cloth labels for my children's clothes I sell, and I got a custom-made stamp to print onto cotton tape with fabric ink. I'll follow your printing adventures with interest because I think your method would look a lot more professional.

kat said...

I used Gocco for lots of stuff. The surface of the paper/fabric etc. plays a big part of the success of the print.

I'm not sure if I understand what a "bubble jet set" is + would love to hear more about it and if it worked for you.

Your stuff looks terrific!