Thursday, December 14, 2006

{thursday} thrifted finds

part of me would love to devote thursdays post to my thrifted finds. just tuesday evening i was thinking about all the Vera scarves, napkins, table clothes and more that i have sitting around that i need to document. well wednesday morning Blair wrote about her Vera find and again i was inspired to document. my hope is that i will use thursdays as a day to talk about some finds i have made over the years. a chance to rediscover what i have already found. for now i will talk about this weeks find.

i always get quite excited when i see things that match another find from weeks or months earlier. yesterday while looking around i found a few more mugs to match two i got a few weeks ago.

i found three more pairs of mugs. they are all stamped Japan on the bottom and have such character. my favorite thing about them is that they stack and so when Daniel tries to say that there is no more room in the cupboard i have a good excuse. plus they are only out for a short time of the year.

also sitting there was a tumbler glass that goes with this one. it is amazing because i am now thinking that the glasses are a set of the seasons. it looks like i now have what may be spring and winter. when trying to look up the maker on line i was not very successful. one of the glasses says Houze 1979 and the other just Houze. i love the tree design and would be interested in seeing some of their other work.

one of the things i love about the thrift finds is finding out the history of an object. i hope that by posting about these items i will learn both from my own research and other peoples knowledge.

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Anonymous said...

love! (and the coaster too!)

kirsten said...

oh, everything takes longer with kiddos around! the seasons glasses are so cool! they would be great as a set... if only!

Carmen said...

Love those seasons glasses. Good luck finding the remaining pair. I'll keep my eyes open up in this part of the continent. Who knows? Stranger things have happened.

Anonymous said...

I am always interested in what people find thrifting. I have been out several times in the past couple of weeks looking for tshirts for a stencil project. I've found a couple of good women's knit shirts and some excellent kid books.

julie said...

Oh your tree glass is beautiful!!! What a find! :)

melissa f. said...

my sister gave me thrifted things this year for christmas! i'm so thrilled... and they are things that i like, so that's even better. i have always longed for relatives like that-- you know, like all the good thrift taste you have :)

Anonymous said...

I love finding things like those glasses. I really need to bring my collection together (if you could really call it that)right now I have pieces here and ther, but not cohesive at all.

Anyway, I did a search on ebay for Houze and found a set of whiskey tree glasses, same company but a slightly different style.

melissa said...

beautiful glass- how amazing that you might one day have all the seasons.
i love the coaster too, did you make it?

Hypnogogia said...

I'm curious to know if you are still wondering about the seasons glasses. I myself stumbled on the entire set about 3 years ago and I adore them. I was wondering if you've found out any more about them. Your journal post is the first mention I have found on the entire web that is clearly referring to the exact same thing I have. I have a (very rough) photo of the set on my Picasa account--

If you want to email about it, I'm hypnog on gmail.

Social Science Girl said...

Love these glasses. I had the whole set and unfortunately my summer tumbler broke in my most recent move :( Here's hoping a find a replacement!